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Real Name:Andrey Kurokhtin

His musical story begins in early childhood with listening night radio broadcasts. In 2003 Andrey installed a software sequencer on his computer and recorded the first track. This completely changed his musical vision. It was the first awareness work sounded like the early 2000s Kompakt label. Andrey started to play the first dj set with vinyl records in the club in 2005, before that his only wrote music at home. In mid-2008, Andrey and his friend Dmitry Kazantsev launched the digital label Biotronic Records, where were released wonderful albums by such artists as Lazzich, Frunk29, Modul, etc. By 2010, Andrey made a studio from digital and analog synthesizers, and in 2012 he launched his own vinyl-only label Quadrat Musik.
Along with his main project, Andrey writes music under other aliases: Quadrat - dance techno / house music and Rokton Ensemble - experimental minimal sound. Andrey participates in several electronic collaborations with his like-minded people - this is the project X343 and Рябина , the main direction of these groups is live performance of experimental and ambient music.
In 2020, Andrey launched the Hanagasumi label to release non-commercial music on vinyl.

Sites:Soundcloud , Bandcamp , , Instagram , Facebook
Aliases:Quadrat, Rokton Ensemble, Unlight (3)
In Groups:X343
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