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Sloan is a Toronto-based rock quartet originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, active 1991 to the present.

The group was formed in 1991 when Chris Murphy (3) and Andrew Scott (3) met at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in Halifax; Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson (2) joined soon thereafter. In 1992, the band created their own record label, Murderecords (to release records by Sloan and other Halifax-area bands) and released their debut, "Peppermint EP".


GED 24498 Sloan (2) - Smeared album art Sloan (2) Smeared (Album) Geffen Records, Geffen Records, Geffen Records GED 24498 Europe 1992 Sell This Version
DGCD-24711 DJ Sloan (2) - Twice Removed album art Sloan (2) Twice Removed (Album) Murderecords, DGC DGCD-24711 DJ US 1994 Sell This Version
DPRO11708 Sloan (2) - One Chord To Another album art Sloan (2) One Chord To Another (Album, Comp) Murderecords DPRO11708 US 1996 Sell This Version
MCAC 9645 Sloan (2) - 5-Track Sampler album art Sloan (2) 5-Track Sampler(Cass, Advance, Promo, Smplr) Murderecords MCAC 9645 Canada 1996 Sell This Version
MURC 036 Sloan (2) - Navy Blues album art Sloan (2) Navy Blues (Album) Murderecords MURC 036 Canada 1998 Sell This Version
MURD 98106 Sloan (2) - Navy Blues Interview Disc album art Sloan (2) Navy Blues Interview Disc(CD, Promo, Smplr) Murderecords MURD 98106 Canada 1998 Sell This Version
MUR 040 Sloan (2) - Between The Bridges album art Sloan (2) Between The Bridges (Album) Murderecords MUR 040 US 1999 Sell This Version
MURD2 39 Sloan (2) - 4 Nights At The Palais Royale album art Sloan (2) 4 Nights At The Palais Royale (Album) Murderecords, Murderecords MURD2 39 Canada 1999 Sell This Version
MUR0042 Sloan (2) - Pretty Together album art Sloan (2) Pretty Together (Album) Murderecords MUR0042 Canada 2001 Sell This Version
82876-52921-2 Sloan (2) - Action Pact album art Sloan (2) Action Pact (Album) Vik Recordings 82876-52921-2 Canada 2003 Sell This Version
REV030 Sloan (2) - Never Hear The End Of It album art Sloan (2) Never Hear The End Of It (Album) Murderecords REV030 Australia 2006 Sell This Version
MUR 047 Sloan (2) - Parallel Play album art Sloan (2) Parallel Play (Album) Murderecords MUR 047 Canada 2008 Sell This Version
mur50 Sloan (2) - The Double Cross album art Sloan (2) The Double Cross (Album) Murderecords mur50 Canada 2011 Sell This Version
mur 51 Sloan (2) - Is That All I Get? (1993 September Twentieth - Recorded Live On Patrick's Birthday) album art Sloan (2) Is That All I Get? (1993 September Twentieth - Recorded Live On Patrick's Birthday)(LP, Ltd, Num, Gre) Murderecords mur 51 Canada 2011 Sell This Version
mur 52 Sloan (2) - Australia 1999 album art Sloan (2) Australia 1999(LP, Album, Ltd, Blu) Murderecords mur 52 Canada 2012 Sell This Version
mur 57 Sloan (2) - Japan 2002 album art Sloan (2) Japan 2002(LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Whi) Murderecords mur 57 Canada 2013 Sell This Version
YEP-2392, MUR 058 Sloan (2) - Commonwealth album art Sloan (2) Commonwealth (Album) Yep Roc Records, Yep Roc Records, Murderecords YEP-2392, MUR 058 US 2014 Sell This Version
680889095092, MUR062-LP Sloan (2) - 12 album art Sloan (2) 12 (Album) Universal Music Canada, Murderecords 680889095092, MUR062-LP Canada 2018 Sell This Version
CD-YEP-2567 Sloan (2) - 12 album art Sloan (2) 12(CD, Advance, Album, Promo) Yep Roc Records CD-YEP-2567 Europe 2018 Sell This Version
none Sloan (2) - Live At Yep Roc 15: Sloan album art Sloan (2) Live At Yep Roc 15: Sloan (Album) Yep Roc Records none 2020

Singles & EPs

MUR MC001 Sloan (2) - Peppermint EP album art Sloan (2) Peppermint EP (EP) Murderecords, Murderecords MUR MC001 Canada 1992 Sell This Version
DGCDS-9302 Sloan (2) - Sugartune album art Sloan (2) Sugartune(CD, Single, Promo) DGC DGCDS-9302 Canada 1992 Sell This Version
none, CT010, mur005 Sloan (2) - Eric's Trip / Sloan album art Sloan (2) / Eric's Trip Sloan (2) / Eric's Trip - Eric's Trip / Sloan (Single) Cargo Records, Cinnamon Toast Records, Murderecords, Sappy Records none, CT010, mur005 Canada 1993 Sell This Version
PRO-CD-4477 Sloan (2) - Underwhelmed album art Sloan (2) Underwhelmed (Single, Maxi) DGC PRO-CD-4477 US 1992 Sell This Version
GFST 45 Sloan (2) - I Am The Cancer album art Sloan (2) I Am The Cancer (Single) Geffen Records GFST 45 UK 1993 Sell This Version

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November 24, 2020
Sloan (thankfully) has a cycle of hitting a home run (quality-wise), then diversifying its interests for a more eclectic album or two, then consolidating its strengths again for another home run. As the cycle tends to repeat itself in terms of where the band wants to go next (which previously alternated between an artistically strong album and an ear-catching album, but in more recent years has added a better-than-average album or two into each cycle), the ones purists usually name-drop are "Twice Removed" and "Once Chord to Another" (which managed to be a mix of "artistically strong" and "ear-catching"), before alienating some early fans with the increasingly ear-catchy and straightaway-rock-flavoured "Navy Blues," and then regaining some with the catchy-yet-increasingly-artistic "Between the Bridges". What happened next is up to the preference of the fan: while some praise the Alt.Brit/Britpop-like "Pretty Together" and jeer the LA-rock production of "Action Pact," others do the opposite. Most, however, have both embraced the expansive, multi-colored, endless-Abbey-Road-medley, double-length album, "Never Hear the End of It" and called it "sprawling" at some point. From that point on, this is where Sloan was well aware of its strengths and was able to effortlessly release albums which sounded better-than-average (which, according to some, is still well better than others' output): "Parallel Play," the "Hit & Run" EP, and "The Double Cross" all sound like they could run together as one long album, for better or for worse: each has its stellar highlights but I find they're best enjoyed in smaller doses (of which the EP naturally excels at this). Then, Sloan returned to the "artistically-inclined" and "ear-catching" dichotomy with "Commonwealth" and "12" (the latter of which honestly does see each member at the top of his game). While it's now anyone's guess if Sloan will ever release a new full-length again (while one could ask, "How does one top '12'?" that hasn't stopped Sloan before), they continue touring and reissuing rarities' compilations and expanded box sets of their past albums. If you've missed any part of their progression as a performing band, there are live releases and official "bootlegs" of virtually every era in Sloan's history. As I'm merely a reviewer, it's quite likely the band will deny everything I've written here as mere allegations... but any power pop fan who's open to bands with varied influences and songwriters (sound familiar?) may very well find something here of great worth.


February 16, 2018
Sloan are one of the most underrated groups of the last (nearly) 30 years. I saw their debut video on '120 Minutes' in 1992 and I've been a fan ever since: I've interviewed them, joked with them, got them to sign all my stuff. They're legit musicians and music fans, they know what it's like to just be a lover of no BS rock 'n roll. Like the press blurb for their new LP '12' says:

"...not only are Sloan the rare band to make it to their 12th record, and not only are Sloan the rare band to make it to their 12th record with all four original members, and not only are Sloan the rare band to make it to their 12th album with four original members who are equally prolific songwriters, they’re arguably the only band to make it to their 12th album with four original members who are both equally prolific songwriters and all still working at the top of their respective games, sounding utterly ageless in the process.”

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