The Next One

The Next One

Real Name:
Maurizio Cannavò
Born in Sicily: January 26, 1969,
Raised in Turin (ITALY)
Founder of Beats4LifeSTUDIO

The NextOne widely known in the B-boy world as Legendary "incredible B-boy" Maurizio (since '84) also recognize as one of the Hip-Hop pioneer and Zulu King in Italy.
Today is still a B-boy icon credited with the creation of many dance moves and for created his own unique and explosive dance style (Power Footworks and Space Flow)
Proceed his Hip-Hop journey as Dj, Record producer, Remixer, Mc, performing Artist and Founder of legendary recording spot in Turin Beats4LifeSTUDIO

Began his recording career in 1988 as a member of the underground group Devastatin' Posse. His own style has made him one of the most sought after producers Hip-Hop in Italy, also founder and president of the famous Next Level Crew and legendary Rap group rappresentin' Universal Zulu Nation: The Next Diffusion!
The NextOne has produced all of The Next Diffusion's tracks as well as tracks for many other local and international groups and solo artists since the 1990s.

Throughout his career he has produced tracks for such artists as Godfather of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa (ZULU NATION), Kurtis Blow, Chief Rocka Busy Bee, Donald D,
Lil Dap (GROUP HOME), PMD (EPMD), Sangue Misto, Gente Guasta, El Presidente & Danno (Colle Der Fomento), DJ Gruff, Nest, Inoki, Kaos One, DJ Enzo ft. Guè Pequeno, Mistaman, Chief & Soci, Due Buoni Motivi (Rome Zoo Allstar), KBC & FatFat, Deal & Gatekeys, Radical Stuff...also collaborate with groups such like Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Franco Micalizzi, Guru, Gang Starr, DJ Kool Herc just to name a few. He has other side projects to his credit with live band such as the NextOne's Freedom Music Experience.
DJ The NextOne's eclectic style of production is a straight boom-bap "underground" Hip-Hop, learning the foundations of legendary Jazzy Jay and Marley Marl school, his particular trademark is the result of a mix of different but similar sampling approach and styles such like Primo, Pete Rock, Showbiz, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Buckwild, J Dilla, Q.Tip.
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