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Anatoly Ice is a break-beat DJ who has Bob Marley tracks in his playlists, a house DJ obsessed with funk and soul, a hip-hop DJ crazy about Beck and Bjork. Mixing different genres together, wiping the rims out, in modern electronic vibes of traditional 70s funk. 45s addicted record collector, promoter, beat digger and music lover. His production is carefully constructed segments of the funk 45s, soul tracks, hip-hop beats, breaks, afro, latin and Brazilian grooves. DJ, producer, and host of the Funk and Beyond parties and radio show (running for more than ten years), Anatoly Ice has been drawn to the swing of a phat beat for a long while. Old school funk with new school attitude is the best description of his music taste and dj style.

2013 saw collaboration of Anatoly and veteran songstress Dariya deliver jams that sizzle with a fuzzy air of 60s nostalgia. Dariya's vocal delivery is crisp, clear and decidedly sexy as she dips into her mother tongue for very brief respites. With punctuated pianos, big swinging drums, horn ensembles, funky guitars, saxophone and trumpet solos that's tighter than an austerity budget, this is an exemplary lesson in funk.

Another collaboration follow up in 2017. With a singer and flute player Iskra. 4 track EP was released in 2017 and became a part of more instrumental hip-hop oriented album Still Searching – a journey through beats, filled with samples from dusty records, lots of live recordings and improvisations. In 2019 Duo released full length album "Fire Inside" on Anatoly Ice very own Icebound Records , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , Facebook , X , , Instagram , YouTube


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