Kaki Arkarazo

Real Name:
Ignacio Arcarazo Bariandiarán
Kaki Arkarazo is a spanish multi-instrumentist musician, sound engineer and musical productor from the Basque Country (Spain). Father of Martxel Arkarazo.

As musician, he played in bands such as M-ak, Kortatu, Negu Gorriak and Nación Reixa. He also have been working as sound engineer and musical producer in several studios in the Basque Country (Estudios Iz, Katarain Estudio), until he founded Garate Studios, in Andoain, which he still runs with his brother Martxel Arkarazo.

One of the more relevant technician among Jean Phocas, Aitor Ariño, César Ibarretxe or Angel Katarain in Basque country.
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IZ-249 Kaki Arkarazo - Matxinadak-1 album art Kaki* Matxinadak-1 (Album) Estudios Iz IZ-249 Spain 1987 Sell This Version