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In the summer of 1983, two local bands called 'Scattered Remains' and 'Ancient Creation' split up and came together to form Revulsion. Revulsion was Simon Cooper on guitar and vocals, Steve Skingsley on bass and vocals and Andy Rope on drums. Previous members included vocalists Adie Grand(84,'86) and Tim Nickerson ('86, 87'). They played their first gig and began life as a three-piece at the Acle Village Hall during September of 1983.
During January of 1984, Revulsion recorded their first demo on a 4 track in someones room. They sent their demo out to see what labels would respond. Eventually, Mortarhate and Radical Change Records got in touch with them. Next, they enlisted Adie Grand on lead vocals and played their first proper gig with him in Norwich, during August in 1984. Shortly after that gig, Revulsion recorded their second demo and had their track 'Victim' put in the 'We don't want your Fucking Poor' compilation.
Revulsion then established a relationship with The Disrupters and Deviated Instinct, which led to them playing several shows with them. Revulsion then recorded their 'Ever get the Feeling of Utter Revulsion?' E.P. The track 'There is no Need' was placed into the 'Words Worth Shouting' compilation record.
Adie then left the band which led their activist friend 'Milky' Tim on vocals, but he too didn't last very long after a few gigs and one or two demos. Revulsion then remained for the rest of their life as a three-piece.
In 1987, Revulsion released a split E.P. with Deviated Instinct called 'Consolidation'. It featured two tracks ('Out of Touch' and 'Feed the Rich at Christmas Time'). After much gigging, Revulsion began noticing the corruption within the scene. They were promoting freedom and peace by putting on gigs, but noticed several new violent faction rising up and crippling the movement.
Revulsion then recorded some compilation tracks including 'Another Bloody War' for the 'A Vile Peace' compilation and 'World without Hate' for the 'Exclusion' compilation record.
In 1990, Revulsion recorded their 'The only Revolution' E.P. It contained two tracks and the lyrics showed what was left of their once great scene. The band continued to record several new songs, which they felt were their best ones, but they were never recorded. In 1991, Revulsion split.

Members:Adie Grand, Andy Rope, Simon Cooper (4), Steve Skingsley



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