Real Name:Mike Flaxa

The Hungarian composer and artist, named Mflex (aka in extended 'Mflex Sounds'), has been enjoying several popular music styles, fan of some music genres, and not so long ago, created a unique music style. Since 2012 he has been debuted the project, Mflex Sounds and released various pop, 90's disco, nu disco, 80's italo disco, ambient, trance, and other instrumental creations.

His music is characterized by clear, dynamic bass line and drums built up by variable and catchy melodies and synth sounds. The past twelve month have been extremely productive and he quickly gained fans who have been surprised with two free double CD sets.

Mflex has also been achieved international recognition which became an important source of inspiration for him. He's been creating the already classic sounds unstoppably. Besides his own productions, remix creations raised the attention of the musical world of this kind. He's been always been addicted to the outstanding sound quality.
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