Michael Kohlbecker

Real Name:Michael Kohlbecker

Born in Vienna 1971. Played piano and violin for 12 years, and started making music in 1987. His first record was released in 1989 (Victim - BG The Prince Of Rap on Sony Music). Besides all his collaborations, solo projects and DJing on festivals and parties all over the world, he has also produced music for various TV shows, such as Tatort, Galileo Pro7, Vox Reisetours, Spiegel TV, Image movies for Porsche, Siemens and Deutsche Bank.

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud , Bandcamp
Aliases:2 Stripes, B-Flame, Camou, Electric Basement, Fünf D, Lasziv, Magnat, Masun, Paragon, S.M.I².L.E., Subscientists
In Groups:Acidsinti & Weedfreak, Apollo 3-D, AR006351, Ear Spankers, Chromakey, Dubbelhelix, EBSG, Egoiste, Eternal Basement, Human (4), Montauk P, Nature (5), Negative Return, Saafi Brothers, Seelenfarbe, Sofachillas, Stash, Taklamakan, Target, The Weedselectors
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