Alternative / Hard Rock group with Industrial and Punk influences from Northern Ireland, formed in 1989 by Andy Cairns (vocals, lead guitar) and Fyfe Ewing (drums). Michael McKeegan (bass guitar) joined them shortly afterwards.

They developed a strong underground following in both parts of the island, particularly around their legendary early nineties Dublin Christmas gigs in the SFX. They started to received some attention across the water in Britain in 1992 with their "Pleasure Death" mini album and then with the "Nurse" album and "Teethgrinder" single. This interest exploded with the release of the more traditionally punk rock sounding "Shortsharpshock EP", which gave them a No. 10 hit in the UK and an appearance on Top of the Pops. This was followed by further hits from the "Opal Mantra" and "Face the Strange" EPs. This success was consolidated with the release of the "Troublegum" album and its associated singles.

Fyfe left the band in 1996, to be replaced by Graham Hopkins. Martin McCarrick (guitar/cello) also joined the band full-time at this stage, having appeared as a guest musician on previous Therapy? releases and played with them live. Their popularity was impossible to maintain and they also found that much of their previous fanbase was unhappy with their change in sound a few years earlier. Since then, they have worked at developing something of a new following.

Graham left Therapy? in December 2001, he was replaced by Neil Cooper in 2002. Martin left the band in 2004.
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WIJ9, EFA09-17440 Therapy? - Babyteeth album art Therapy? Babyteeth (MiniAlbum) Wiiija Records WIJ9, EFA09-17440 UK 1991 Sell This Version
540 044-1 Therapy? - Nurse album art Therapy? Nurse (Album) A&M Records 540 044-1 UK 1992 Sell This Version
Wij 11, Wij11 Therapy? - Pleasure Death album art Therapy? Pleasure Death (MiniAlbum) Wiiija Records, Wiiija Records, Wiiija Records, Wiiija Records Wij 11, Wij11 UK 1992 Sell This Version
TCD 0527 Therapy? - In Concert - 564 album art Therapy? / L7 Therapy? / L7 - In Concert - 564(CD, Transcription) BBC Transcription TCD 0527 UK 1993 Sell This Version
31454 0196 4 Therapy? - Troublegum album art Therapy? Troublegum (Album) A&M Records 31454 0196 4 Turkey 1994 Sell This Version
TCD 0728 Therapy? - In Concert - 593 album art Therapy? In Concert - 593(CD, Transcription) BBC Transcription TCD 0728 UK 1994 Sell This Version
31454 0379 2 ADV Therapy? - Infernal Love album art Therapy? Infernal Love (Album) A&M Records 31454 0379 2 ADV US 1995 Sell This Version
540891-4 Therapy? - Semi-Detached album art Therapy? Semi-Detached (Album) A&M Records 540891-4 Argentina 1998 Sell This Version
1539724 Therapy? - Suicide Pact - You First album art Therapy? Suicide Pact - You First (Album) Ark 21 1539724 Russia 1999 Sell This Version
04400160082 Therapy? - Shameless album art Therapy? Shameless (Album) Ark 21 Records 04400160082 Brazil 2001 Sell This Version
SPT-15143-2 Therapy? - High Anxiety album art Therapy? High Anxiety (Album) Spitfire Records SPT-15143-2 US 2003 Sell This Version
ST2EA015 Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain album art Therapy? Never Apologise Never Explain (Album) Spitfire Records ST2EA015 Brazil 2004 Sell This Version
ST2EA140 Therapy? - One Cure Fits All album art Therapy? One Cure Fits All (Album) Spitfire Records ST2EA140 Brazil 2006 Sell This Version
DR2CD 009, MR 4429-2 Therapy? - Crooked Timber album art Therapy? Crooked Timber (Album) DR2 Records DR2CD 009, MR 4429-2 Ukraine 2009 Sell This Version
BLASTCD 001 Therapy? - We're Here To The End album art Therapy? We're Here To The End (Album) Blast Records (9) BLASTCD 001 UK & Europe 2010 Sell This Version
BLASTCD 004 Therapy? - A Brief Crack Of Light album art Therapy? A Brief Crack Of Light (Album) Blast Records (9) BLASTCD 004 UK 2012 Sell This Version
AM006LP Therapy? - Disquiet album art Therapy? Disquiet (Album) Amazing Record Co. AM006LP UK 2015 Sell This Version
none Therapy? - Wood & Wire album art Therapy? Wood & Wire(CD, Album, Ltd) Not On Label (Therapy? Self-released) none Ireland 2016 Sell This Version
none Therapy? - Communion (Live At The Union Chapel) album art Therapy? Communion (Live At The Union Chapel) (Album) Not On Label (Therapy? Self-released) none UK 2017 Sell This Version
none Therapy? - Cleave album art Therapy? Cleave (Album) Marshall Records (10), Marshall Records (10) none UK 2018 Sell This Version
none Therapy? - Greatest Hits (The Abbey Road Session) album art Therapy? Greatest Hits (The Abbey Road Session) (Album) Marshall Records (10) none 2020 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

m.f.n.1. Therapy? - Meat Abstract  album art Therapy? Meat Abstract (7", Single) Multifuckingnational Records m.f.n.1. UK 1990 Sell This Version
THX1 Therapy? - Have A Merry Fucking Christmas album art Therapy? Have A Merry Fucking Christmas(7", Promo) A&M Records THX1 UK & Ireland 1992 Sell This Version
AM 0097, 580097-7 Therapy? - Teethgrinder album art Therapy? Teethgrinder (Single, Maxi) A&M Records, A&M Records AM 0097, 580097-7 UK 1992 Sell This Version
AMYDJ 360 Therapy? - Opal Mantra album art Therapy? Opal Mantra (Single) A&M Records AMYDJ 360 UK 1993 Sell This Version

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December 8, 2010
Therapy is a band from Northern Ireland. That explains a lot of things.
Although that they have a very hardcore fan basis, they never achieved to be a superband with big audiences. In their case, it was better that it never happened, as they manage to maintain their original and pure sound as their early days. Underground is still their middle name, and they became big only during years 1994-1996 with the two multi selling releases "Troublegum" and "Infernal Love". They still manage to book tour dates with major success especially in Europe, as they were never successful in the United States and the Americans dont know the band. Their first two records, Babyteeth and Pleasure Death were a mix of dark punk noise alternative rock. Following those two releases, Nurse was their third album, receiving success with their top single "Teethgrinder".
Their breakthrough album was Troublegum and after that the Infernal love and they became big and well known to greater audiences. After that and a numerous recording followed with minimum success, such as Semi-Detached,Suicide Pact-You first which were very difficult albums for someone to deal with. Leaving the A& M company, a best of compilation was released as a tribute to those productive years. Shameless is the next album that was recorded in Seattle, US. The rest of the recordings such as, High Anxiety,Never apologise never explained, one cure fits all, and the last but not least Crooked timber, found the band trying to reinvent and rearrange themselves either successful or unsuccessful.

But they will be always remembered as an original and true band without trying to cope with all the trends of the passing times.Funfantastic!
Cheers to this band which has offered so many personal feelings.


March 30, 2005
edited over 17 years ago
If dark alternative rock is your thing, then you would probably like Therapy? While they're not from US, they are so much better than many groups who became well-known during the grunge wake. As far as i know, they're barely known in US, but it doesn't make them any worse - with so many albums in their back catalogue, almost everyone will find something interesting to listen to.

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