Johan Skugge

Real Name:Johan Skugge

As part of the Swedish Mitek posse, including Onitor and Mitek within his three years of releasing music. Skugge's music is a mix of the three elements his work is built on: dub, drone and groove. His goal is to make contemporary city music with the spirit of Jamaican dancehalls and funk. Skugge is also a member of the electronic blues group Harlem, who released their first album in February 2003 on their own label Gramme. Skugge, as well as Harlem, work in Kolsyrefabriken in Stockholm, a closed-down factory building they share with artists and musicians of the Swedish underground.

Sites:Instagram , , MySpace ,
In Groups:Bulgur Brothers, Buset, Den Finska Nikotintanten, Disappearer (5), Harlem, Icecave, No Science, Singer, Stavöstrand & Skugge, Yvonne (3)
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