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The nucleus of CLICK CLICK - Adrian Smith (electronics, wasp, harmonica. melodica & voice, marlboro) - Derek E. Smith (drums, 808, percussion, herbs) - Jon Morris joined as second Wasp technician during 1986 prior to recording Party Hate and Skripglow.
Signed to Play It Again Sam in 1987 to record Rorschach Testing, I Rage I Melt, Yakutska and Bent Massive.
Jon Morris replaced by Graham Stronach on guitar during 1987, Graham remained with the band until its implosion at the end of 1989.
Band recently reactivated by Smith brothers. They even played a few live shows in 2009-2010.

Sites:Bandcamp , MySpace , Wikipedia , Facebook
Members:Adrian Smith, Derek E. Smith, Graham Stronach, Jon Morris, Rick Camp (2)
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