The Cassandra Complex


The Cassandra Complex was formed in Leeds, England by Rodney Orpheus, Paul Dillon and later journalist Andy Booth, and released their first single "March" in 1985. Rodney Orpheus later relocated to Hamburg, Germany where he was joined by guitarist Volker Zacharias, who has remained with the band ever since.

Over the years, the band's sound has included elements of EBM, industrial, goth rock, new wave and synth-pop.

The band are still playing live shows across Europe and recently released a remastered version of their first singles compilation album Hello America. , Facebook , Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Members:Andy Booth, Andy Laaf, Axel Ermes, Gaz Wilson, Jens Langkniv, Jez Willis, John Galvin, John Marchini, Jürgen Jansen, Keith Langley, Patrick Gordon, Paul Dillon, Robert Wilcocks, Rodney Orpheus, Volker Zaphor Zacharias
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