Joe Loco

Real Name:José Estevez Jr..

American Jazz (latin) pianist, trombonist, dancer, arranger, bandleader and composer.
Born : March 26, 1921 in New York City, New York. (Puerto Rico parentage)
Died : March 07, 1988 in Puerto Rico.

Known for his Latin-American piano styling. At the age of nine he was taking violin lessons, as well as dancing instructions. He quickly lost interest in the violin and concentrated on his dancing. When he was thirteen, he made his first appearance on stage as a dancer. A lengthy vaudeville tour followed and, after it was over, Joe again turned to music. This time he took up the piano and in no time became proficient.
His initial appearance as a musician was as a trombonist with the New York Amateur Symphony Orcestra. His first professional engagement as a pianist was with Ciro Rimac and his orchestra. Joe also played piano in the Xavier Cugat and Enric Madriguera orchestras. His experience has not been limited to appearing in just Latin-American bands as he toured with the Will Bradley outfit afforded him an opportunity to play swing and jazz music.
Joe played, among others with : Ciro Rimac, Machito (as pianist), Polito Galindez, Marcellino Guerra, Pupi Campo and Julio Andino.

Aliases:José Estévez Jr.
In Groups:Ciro Rimacs Rumba-Orchester, Enric Madriguera And His Orchestra, Joe Loco And His Orchestra, Joe Loco And His Pachanga Band, Joe Loco And His Quintet, Joe Loco And His Trio, Joe Loco Band, Joe Loco His Piano And Rhythm, Joe Loco Y Su Muchachos Locos, Joe Loco Y Su Sexteto, Machito And His Orchestra, Pupi Campo and His Orchestra, Will Bradley And His Orchestra, Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra
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