Greidor Allmaster

Greidor Allmaster

Real Name:
Michail Olmaster
The producer, DJ, MS, the Composer in all styles of the world, Writes the music since 1996. The musical Psychologist, the Professional Musician since 4 years with an experience more than 25 years, the musical teacher and the Psychologist-physiologist on the relations of people, one of the leading Hard Trance of musicians of Russia and the CIS, the first and only Hard Trance the producer of Moscow, also known remixer and the author of music in show business. Has the big number of performances on a classical professional scene as the DJ acted in many VIP clubs of Moscow in commercial and variety actions.

General Director (CEO) / A & R Manager / Producer / Compouser / DJ of a (ESR Label GROUP) Eternal Sun Records / (SUB) - Eternal Sun Industrial

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Abyssmaster, Aciddarkstepmaster, Acidmaster, Acidrockmaster, Allmaster, Apofeoz(Zz), Arenaclub, Arenamaster, Attackmaster, Beatmaster., Beautifulmaster, Bestcarmaster, Big Room Ground, Bluesmeiker(Zz), Brainmaster, Changemaster, Chaos-Hard-Reactiw, Chaosdancemaster, Chaosemotionalmaster, Chill777, chipomaster, Clubrockmaster, Darkclub, Darklift, Darkliftmaster, Darkmaster., Deathmaster., Dedokmaster, Depthmaster, Dibilizmer, Dr.Universe, Dreamclub, Dreammaster, Dyrkamaster, Ecologymaster, Electroliftmaster, Elektrostyler(Zz), Energyclub, Epiclift, Esrclub, Eternal Memory, Eternalsun Rulezz, Euroclub, Extazclub, Extazmaster, Extazmaster(Zz), Firemaster., Floorclub, Forcemaster, Fullicemaster, Funkrockmaster, Galaktikmaster, Galaxyclub, Garmonaizer(Zz), Generalmaster, Globalmaster, Gloommaster, Goytrancemaster, Greidor, Greidor Rocktransovich, Hardbluesmaster, Hardclub, Hardhousemaster, Hardlift, Hardliftmaster, Hardmaster., Hardrock-Housemaster, Hardstationmaster, Hardstylemaster, Harmonymaster, Hymnmaster, Introrockmaster, Jumpstepmaster, Kabakmaster, Kidalovomaster, Kingmaster, Komandiria, Komandiria(Zz), Kotelmaster, Kraftmaster, Liberatmaster, Loveclub., Lovemaster, Lovemaster(Zz), Memorymaster, Metalerы-zx, Mistikomaster, Moscow Rulezz, Mr.Greidor, Musarnya-zx, Noproblemmaster, Oldclub, Ordermaster, Overdriveclub, Oxygenmaster, Oyemaster-zx, Partyclub, Partymaster, Pessimistmaster, Pilorama-zx, Poetmaster, Pofigistmaster, Powerclub, Powermaster, Proglift, Proshivmaster, Protestmaster, Pulsemaster., Raveclub, Razgrommaster, Reactiwrockmaster, Roadmaster., Rockplektr(Zz), Rocktranserы(Zz), Romanticmaster, Romanticmaster 777, S.B.V.master, Saintmaster, Schranzmaster, Spacemaster., Speedclub, Stanokmaster, Sufferingmaster, Summermaster, Sxodka-zx, Tabletkomaster, Techlift, Technochorus(Zz), Technoclub, Technodrumermaster, Technorockmaster, Technostartmaster, Tekbeiser(Zz), Tekster(Zz), Termocoremaster, Termostylemaster, Termotrancemaster, Termoyadmaster, Terrormaster (2), Terrormaster., Tornadomaster, Trancemaster., Trancestepmaster, Transitionmaster, TTF., Ultrarockmaster, Universe 777, Varevomaster, Violatormaster, Virtuozmaster, Warmmaster, Workmaster, Worldmaster, Z1, Zoneclub, Zonedriverz, Бадья-zx, Баклашник-zx, Боря-zx, Бухловоз, Династия-zx, Дублёнка-zx, Дубудавалово-zx, Жабомастер, Жиртрес-zx, Лязги-zx, Отходняк-zx, Скотобойник-zx, Хлебальник-zx
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Greidor Allmaster Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

TRNCA011 Greidor Allmaster Presents Tornadomaster, Acidmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Tornadomaster, Acidmaster - Rescued In a Storm / Acid Days(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Transorica Records TRNCA011 Russia 2013
ESR-023 Greidor Allmaster Presents Depthmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Depthmaster - Love Without Barriers (LBP)(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-023 Russia 2015
ESR-019 Greidor Allmaster Presents Gloommaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Gloommaster - Twilight & Gloom(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-019 Russia 2015
ESR-028 Greidor Allmaster Presents Protestmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Protestmaster - The Most Evil Protest(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-028 Russia 2015
ESR-001 Greidor Allmaster Presents Hardliftmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Hardliftmaster - Triumph Of Expectations(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-001 Russia 2015
ESR-031 Greidor Allmaster Presents Electroliftmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Electroliftmaster - S.B.V.100 / S.B.V.200(2xFile, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-031 Russia 2015
ESR-027 Greidor Allmaster Presents Brainmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Brainmaster - Excess Thoughts(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-027 Russia 2015
ESR-024 Greidor Allmaster Presents Hardstationmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Hardstationmaster - Trancestation B(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-024 Russia 2015
ESR-014 Greidor Allmaster Presents Hymnmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Hymnmaster - Anthem Of Master Hard(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-014 Russia 2015
ESR-022 Greidor Allmaster Presents Noproblemmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Noproblemmaster - Ingenuity In Trouble(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-022 Russia 2015
ESR-002 Greidor Allmaster Presents Lovemaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Lovemaster - Dedication Of Love(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-002 Russia 2015
ESR-021 Greidor Allmaster Presents Electroliftmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Electroliftmaster - Magnetic Attraction(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-021 Russia 2015
ESR-005 Greidor Allmaster Presents Darkliftmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Darkliftmaster - Trancestation A(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-005 Russia 2015
ESR-004 Greidor Allmaster Presents Hardmaster. Greidor Allmaster Presents Hardmaster. - Rescued In A Storm(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-004 Russia 2015
ESR-096 Greidor Allmaster Presents Electroliftmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Electroliftmaster - New Era / Wandering Road (2xFile, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-096 Russia 2016
ESR-090 Greidor Allmaster Presents Memorymaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Memorymaster - Forgotten Past(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-090 Russia 2016
ESR-054 Greidor Allmaster Presents Spacemaster. Greidor Allmaster Presents Spacemaster. - Earth Attraction(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-054 Russia 2016
ESR-089 Greidor Allmaster Presents Ecologymaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Ecologymaster - Wildlife Sound (Reserve)(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-089 Russia 2016
ESR-051 Greidor Allmaster Presents Trancemaster. Greidor Allmaster Presents Trancemaster. - What Means To Live In Trance !(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-051 Russia 2016
ESR-115 Greidor Allmaster Presents Deathmaster. Greidor Allmaster Presents Deathmaster. - Protect Those Who Are Dear To You!(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-115 Russia 2016
ESR-080 Greidor Allmaster Presents Summermaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Summermaster - After The Rain (Eternalsun Rulezz)(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-080 Russia 2016
ESR-094 Greidor Allmaster Presents Romanticmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Romanticmaster - Full Moon !(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-094 Russia 2016
ESR-093 Greidor Allmaster Presents Forcemaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Forcemaster - With A Great Effort(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-093 Russia 2016
ESR-078 Greidor Allmaster Presents Fullicemaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Fullicemaster - Ice Heart(2xFile, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-078 Russia 2016
ESR-070 Greidor Allmaster Presents Worldmaster Greidor Allmaster Presents Worldmaster - Ruin Of The Old World / Ascension Of The New World(2xFile, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-070 Russia 2016

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