Scott Weinrich

Real Name:Robert Scott Weinrich

Scott Weinrich is a Maryland, USA based guitarist and vocalist, born Sept. 29, 1960 in Rockville, Maryland. He's better known by his nickname, "Wino". He began playing in his teens in the 1970s when he formed the band Warhorse with his friend, Mark Laue. Warhorse eventually evolved into The Obsessed, which lasted until 1985. Shortly after The Obsessed's demise, Wino accepted an offer to join the Los Angeles-based doom metal band Saint Vitus. He remained with Saint Vitus until 1991 when he left to form a new version of The Obsessed. In the years since he has led Spirit Caravan and The Hidden Hand and recorded with Place Of Skulls. Most recently, he has performed with the doom metal group Shrinebuilder and a reunited Saint Vitus. He released his first solo album in 2009. He is also in an acoustic rock project with artist Conny Ochs named Wino & Conny Ochs.

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Aliases:Wino (2)
In Groups:Bullring Brummies, Lost Breed, Place Of Skulls, Premonition 13, Royale Daemons, Saint Vitus, Shine (21), Shrinebuilder, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, The Obsessed
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