Junior "Chico" Chin

Jamaican Reggae Musician, Horns Player (Trumpet), member of Rass Brass, sometimes credited as Chico Chin, Chico Hamilton or Chico.

DO NOT CONFUSE with the UK Reggae Dancehall Singer from late 80s Junior Chin !

Chico Chin has been thriving in Jamaican Music for over thirty five years.
He started playing trumpet at age 14 under the tutelage of renowned music teacher Babe O'Brien (The Maestro). Ironically, two of his classmates were legends Dean Fraser (Saxophone) and Ronald "Nambo" Robinson (Trombone). Besides being lifelong bredrin, this musical trio would become a huge part of many important bands.
In his early career, he sessioned for a while before settling in as a member of The New Vibrations Band. In 1976 he bounced to the legendary Lloyd Parks & We The People Band (Dennis Brown's house band). This exposure led to numerous opportunities. Since that time, he has played on some of the best records to come out of Yard. We're talking about Bob Marley's "Survival", Jimmy Cliff's "Special" and "Humanitarian", numerous Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Sly & Robbie and countless other luminaries.
In the early 1990's he helped to found the 809 Band along with his aforementioned classmates. This backing band truly shined.
The combination of Chin/Fraser/Robinson have earned the title Rass Brass.
In recent years, he has been busy with Aston "Family Man" Barrett and relocated to South Florida few years ago. No rest for the Blessed!
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