Real Name:Carl Craig

Name used on a small number of projects by Carl Craig (1969 was the year he was born). Pronounced "six nine".

Having been at the forefront of the underground scene for years, in 1994 Craig pushed the movement he helped shape further forward. Paperclip People's Throw/Remake Uno, his remix of Tori Amos' God and 69's Jam The Box introduced him to a wider audience and boosted his renown in the Dance community. The two much sought-after EPs he recorded that year as 69 for R & S Records (Sound On Sound and Lite Music) are coupled on CD under the banner The Sound Of Music. , MySpace
Aliases:BFC, C2 (4), C2C4, Carl Craig, Carls Davis, Designer Music, Eich, Me, Son, Sche, Free (8), FRS, Im.mortal Music, No Boundaries (2), Paperclip People, Parametric (2), Piece, Psyche, Shop, Tres Demented, Urban Culture
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