Shoï Extrasystole

Musician since 1989, in an craftsman way. Concert promoter since 1991. Spent some times with Magic Mushrooms, Cry Babies, Near Death Experience, organize concert as Hollow Produts in a DIY way, and a collective organisation HIERO, and introduced a french venue, Astrolabe in Orleans. Now also doing exhibitions, sounds conferences on music history, program festivals. Produce works on HAK, diy record label, since 2005. Actually working as music curator for EMMETROP, venue in Bourges, and for RME, electroacoustic and electronic meeting in Chartres . . .
Plays solo and with various formations according to the form of projects and meetings, including improvisation. Some achievements videos. Use the uptake, fieldrecording to create databases of original sounds, sampling, and the use of filters and micro sensors for generating atmospheres with organic tones. Music is a playground, a place of execution where everything must remain enabled. 20 albums issued, as well as soundtracks for video, theater and exhibitions.
In live appear an ambient noise-powerful music, the drones are full of concrete sounds, voices and complex instrumentations. We can compare the form as a film without images, that would lead us in a succession of landscapes, architecture editing sound full of references, decontextualized, having lost their identity in order to generate a new permanent training.
In Groups: