Oliver Adams

Real Name:Olivier Jean-Jacques Adams

One of the most successful and well known producers of the late New Beat and Belgian techno era, he, along with Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan/Somora) and Nikkie Van Lierop (Jade 4U/Miss Lie) - collectively called M.N.O. - was behind Digital Orgasm and Channel X, whose "Rave The Rhythm," ended up on the motion picture soundtrack of "Basic Instinct," (the movie). The trio's biggest success was Lords Of Acid.

He was part of a huge number of other New Beat, Hard Beat and Belgian techno acts with Jade, Praga and others in various combinations. He also founded 2 Fabiola with Pat Krimson.

In the late 90's, he and Praga Khan released the hit single "Disco Babes From Outer Space," under the name Babe Instinct. He continued to work with Praga Khan on the latter's solo material until 2006's "Soundscraper," album.
Aliases:Adams Productions BVBA, Mr. Morane
In Groups:101, 2 Fabiola, Adams & Krimson, Airscape, Angel Ice, Anthony Prince, Aqua Ninja, Baba Yaga, Babe Instinct, Blue Bamboo, Body Heat, Channel X, Code Red, Cold Sensation, Digital Orgasm, E-Angel, General Max, Groove Reactor, Heavenly Bodies, King Arthur (2)
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