Mike Zwerin

Real Name:
Michael Zwerin
Born: 18th May 1930 Queens, New York City, New York, USA
Died: 2nd April 2010 Paris, France.
American trombonist, trumpeter, journalist and author. Through the unavailability of regular trombonist Kai Winding, Zwerin got his break to play with Miles Davis' "Birth Of The Cool" at the Royal Roost Club on Broadway when he was only 18, playing also in the rehearsal in the run-up to the recording of the seminal album. He has been writing about jazz, pop and world music since 1965 for the Village Voice and the International Herald Tribune, and, since 2005, for the wire service Bloomberg News. He has also written 6 books, including “Swing Under The Nazis,” and “The Parisian Jazz Chronicles.”
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