Inanna Unveiled

Inanna Unveiled started as a side project of Heiner Frank (vocalist of Goat of Mendes), Sören B., Evgeniy Shestopalov (former drummer of Goat of Mendes and mastermind of Shining of Kliffoth) and his former girl-friend Eveline.
Sören and Evgeniy had played in several speed/trash bands before and started to do some technical metal together.
The band broke up after recording the self-titled first album due to serious personal problems between Evgeniy and Heiner.
Evgeniy started to reanimate the band under the name "Chaossphere" with new vocalist Timo K. (Eternal Dirge) but never recorded anything.
Evgeniy has now completely left the metal scene and does some hip hop and fusion music.
Heiner still plays with Goat of Mendes.



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