Real Name:
Stani Vana
DELADAP is pure and inspiring danceable, life-affirming and catchy fusion jazz of the 21st century, coming right out of the heart of Europe, Vienna!
The music DELADAP serves to all-age audiences crosses borders both geographically and musically, it gets people to connect with each other. Their sing along songs pulsate and audiences join in the spirit frenetic. Looking back onto 7 albums and a long-lasting list of shows, festival and gala appearances, DELADAP is an extraordinary live experience for a wide-spread, receptive and pleasure-loving crowd.
DELADAP’s mastermind Stani Vana remind us of the joys of lounge tunes celebrating laziness while at the same time each beat bursts into an irrepressible drive to party, dance and enjoy …: Life is beautiful. Music is beautiful. Dancing is beautiful. All together now. Bring It On!


!Deladap - Cigani Ruzsa + Angelo album art !Deladap Cigani Ruzsa + Angelo (Album) Ecco.Chamber Austria 2004 Sell This Version
!Deladap - Dela Paji album art !Deladap Dela Paji (Album) Chat Chapeau Records Austria 2006 Sell This Version
!Deladap - Sara La Kali album art !Deladap Sara La Kali (Album) Chat Chapeau Records Europe 2008 Sell This Version
CCR-027-2 !Deladap - I Know What You Want album art !Deladap I Know What You Want(CD, Album) Chat Chapeau Records CCR-027-2 Austria 2012 Sell This Version
CCR-038-2 !Deladap - This Is Deladap album art !Deladap This Is Deladap(CD, Album) Chat Chapeau Records CCR-038-2 Austria 2014 Sell This Version
!Deladap - Bring It On album art !Deladap Bring It On (Album) Chat Chapeau Records Europe 2016 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

!Deladap - Amaro Shavo album art !Deladap Amaro Shavo (Single) Ecco.Chamber Austria 2003 Sell This Version
!Deladap - Angelo album art !Deladap Angelo (Single) Ecco.Chamber Austria 2004 Sell This Version
!Deladap - Zsa Manca / Jeg Tan album art !Deladap Zsa Manca / Jeg Tan (Maxi) Chat Chapeau Records 2005 Sell This Version
CCR001-5 !Deladap - Jeg Tan album art !Deladap Jeg Tan(CD, Single) Chat Chapeau Records CCR001-5 Germany 2005 Sell This Version
!Deladap - Lautlos album art !Deladap Lautlos (Maxi, Single) Chat Chapeau Records Austria 2006 Sell This Version
!Deladap - Dela Paji album art !Deladap Feat. Leonsia Erdenko* !Deladap Feat. Leonsia Erdenko* - Dela Paji (Maxi) Chat Chapeau Records Austria 2006 Sell This Version
!Deladap - So Shunes album art !Deladap & Gipsy.cz !Deladap & Gipsy.cz - So Shunes (Single) Chat Chapeau Records Austria 2007 Sell This Version
CCR018-5 !Deladap - Lisa Lisa album art !DelaDap Lisa Lisa(CD, Maxi) Chat Chapeau Records CCR018-5 Austria 2008 Sell This Version
CCR021-2 !Deladap - Kaj Tu Salas (Where Were You) album art !Deladap Kaj Tu Salas (Where Were You)(CD, Maxi) Chat Chapeau Records CCR021-2 Austria 2009 Sell This Version
CCR-026-2 !Deladap - Gipsy Kicks album art !DelaDap* Gipsy Kicks(CD, Maxi) Chat Chapeau Nouveau CCR-026-2 Austria 2011 Sell This Version

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