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Real Name:
Jef Martens
Jef Martens known by his stage name Basto, sometimes stylized as Basto!, (born in Hoogstraten, Belgium) is a Belgian musician and DJ specializing in Electro House music and signed to the ARS label. He is also been known various aliases such as Bitch Boys, Candyman, Dirty Bunch, DJ Basik, Jin Sonic, Kings of Porn and Lazy Jay.
He started DJing in 2005, finding local success in Belgium and the Netherlands through "Rock With You" (2005) and a later cooperation with Peter Luts in "On My Own" (2008).
It was with "Gregory's Theme" (2011) that Basto found chart success in France. The song was originally written as an orchestral piece, in homage to Hugh Laurie's iconic TV character Gregory House, and was later transformed into a dance record by Basto. After some well-received remixes for well-known artists, including Kylie Minogue, Moby and Sander Van Doorn, he gained international fame through a successful dance hit, "Again and Again" in 2011. Basto! dropped the exclamation mark from his name to be known as Basto. His most well-known recent work has been the production of Azealia Banks' hit single "212" in which he is credited as 'Lazy Jay'.
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