Shotgun Whalers

Shotgun Whalers


With countless concerts at home and abroad, has Shotgun Whalers become one of Norway's most experienced live band. The band started in spring 2007 after pressure from The Tiger City Jukes eminent frontman Knut Eide. The debut took place July 24, 2007 at the popular "Summertime Blues" in Horten, a small town in Norway.

The eponymous first album Shotgun Whalers were released in August 2008 on Flipside Records, and got great reviews in the Norwegian newspaperTonsberg Blad and in the Norwegian website Rockmag Info.

The guys in Shotgun Whalers plays a wonderful mix of Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly, Country and Surf, all fused into something they call for Rhythm and Bluesabilly. Their second album, Sharp Blade (2010), is a great example of what Rhythm and Blueasabilly is. The album was well received by the press and Hans Christian Moen in Tonsberg Blad said this about the album: Musical strictly rockabilly, but elements from other genres popping up here and there. The production is tight, great sound with excellent vocals and guitar work, it’s just a solid and precise record. Shotgun Whalers is a band with their own sound and they give us quality all the way. Five stars out of six.

New drummer spring 2013. Ulf A. Lauridsen has taken over the drumsticks from Robert "Bob" Skoglund in Shotgun Whalers. Ulf is a very expirienced musician who fits perfectly with the rest of the guys in Shotgun Whalers.

When Shotgun Whalers are pulling the trigger it’s simply "time to rock." So "put on your dancing shoes" and get ready for a swinging and sweaty evening.

You can hear the two albums, Shotgun Whalers and Sharp Blade on Spotify or Tidal/Wimp. You can also of course download the albums from iTunes, Play or Amazon.

Shotgun Whalers has the following members:

Simen Sveberg Andreassen on vocals and guitar
Hallvard "Mr. Uzi "Eriksen on guitar
Oddvar Stensrud on bass
Ulf A. Lauridsen on drums


Booking: Simen Sveberg Andreassen
[email protected]
Tel. 47 984 95 028
Members:Hallvard Eriksen, Oddvar Stensrud, Simen Andreassen, Ulf A. Lauridsen



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