Max Romeo

Real Name:Maxwell Livingston Smith

Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter.
Born: November 22, 1947 in St. D'Acre, St. James, Jamaica (some sources say 1944).

Had a UK hit in 1969 with 'Wet Dream' and worked extensively with producers Bunny Lee in the late '60s, Winston 'Niney' Holness early '70s and Lee Perry mid '70s. Also recorded for Bullwackie in the 1980s. His song ‘Chase The Devil’ was sampled and used by many artists including The Prodigy, Jay-Z and Tal (9). , Facebook , Wikipedia , Who Sampled , Bandcamp
Aliases:Adolfus Dulfile, Ben Rude Dick, Johnny Stud (2), Maxie Smith, Maxwell Smith (3), Rasta Pickney, Skankie Boo, The Sons Of Selassie, Trevour Lambert
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