Contropotere was an Italian anarcho punk experimental band originally formed in 1985 by members of Elettrokrazia from Naples and Link Lärm from Padova. The first demo tape 'È Arrivato Ah Pook' was recorded in 1986 in the province of Venice. In 1988 Contropotere released their first album, 'Nessuna Speranza, Nessuna Paura' on Attack Punk Records from Bologna.
Since the late 80's the band is based in Naples.
In 1994 released their last album, 'Cyborg 100%' with the moniker CP/01. Disbanded around 1996.


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August 18, 2018
A great band.. they were years ahead from their time. Much more: their music was full of violence but they were too politically oriented in the anarco/pacific way to be totally appreciated by the italian "punx" scene..
Don't forget italy was not totally exit from the lead (shot) years "anni di piombo". A decade near a civil war full of terrorism acts and unpunished slaughters..
So the kids not in the Reagan's eighties edonism still needed revenge, sex&violence and some blood in the lirycs of the music they love..
An argument too complex to explain here but I just hope a good label could make an official and great reissue of Contropotere records

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