Robert Yang

Real Name:Robert Yang

California-bred Robert Yang (They/He), also known as Bézier, is an American DJ and producer. While best known for being one of the earliest members of the queer San Francisco musical collective Honey Soundsystem, Yang also produces under multiple aliases and heads three blooming labels, Bodyzone, m-i-v (short for mémoire involontaire), and his most recent endeavor, Piece of Work. Bézier cut his teeth in the San Francisco scene for a decade, and now toggles between Berlin and SF, where he continues to expand his sound and vision into a cohesive yet dynamic mosaic.

Yang moved to San Francisco in 2005, spawning an era of pivotal connection and collaboration that cemented Bézier’s identity as a DJ and producer. Equipped with an array of analog equipment, Bezier has toured in cities across Asia, Europe and the U.S. A master of synth work, Bézier employs a range of analog synthesizers to create highly textured tracks that recall a retro-futuristic soundscape. Though often pop-infused and Italo-leaning, Bézier’s productions also wander the darker spaces of EBM and techno. As of 2021, Yang took on another alias 羅伯特 (pinyin: Luōbótè, transliterates to Robert) under a newly-conceived label, Piece of Work. His first album on the label, Heirloom, is slated for January 2021. Yang is a seasoned artist who has a strong grasp on their sound, while retaining a fluid identity.

Words by Taylor Bratches ,
Aliases:Bézier, bodyzone, Robot Hustle, 羅伯特
In Groups:Honey Soundsystem




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