The Riverboat Gamblers


Denton, Texas band that relocated to Austin after 2003's Something To Crow About.

In 1997, former Blanks member Pat Lillard (aka Spider Stewart), formed The Riverboat Gamblers with Fadi el-Assad (aka Freddy Castro), and Mike Wiebe (aka Rookie Sensation).
In direct contrast to the popular emo music at the time, The Riverboat Gamblers' premiere show featured over-the-top songs relating to drinking and of course, gambling. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, The Riverboat Gamblers continued to play house parties and shows throughout Denton and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Gamblers burst out of the Denton college scene in September of 2001 on the back of their self-released 7" single "Jenna Is A No Show."

Their eponymous debut LP in 2001 was followed by 2003's "Something To Crow About" on Gearhead Records which led to their eventual signing to Volcom Entertainment and a place on the 2005 Warped Tour where the band gained wider recognition for their stand-out live performances.
2009 sees the release of their fifth album "Underneath The Owl" on Volcom. , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , Facebook , YouTube
Members:Chris Adams (11), Colin Jones (17), Colin O'Donnel, Davey Brozowski, Eric Green, Fadi El-Assad, Ian MacDougall, Ian Walling, Jesse 3X, Luke Abbey, Mark Baker, Mike Wiebe, Patrick Lillard, Rob Marchant, Sam Keir, Shawn Carpetbagger




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