Riverboat Gamblers


Denton, Texas band.

In 1997, former Blanks member Pat Lillard (aka Spider Stewart), formed The Riverboat Gamblers with Fadi el-Assad (aka Freddy Castro), and Mike Wiebe (aka Rookie Sensation).
In direct contrast to the popular emo music at the time, The Riverboat Gamblers' premiere show featured over-the-top songs relating to drinking and of course, gambling. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, The Riverboat Gamblers continued to play house parties and shows throughout Denton and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Gamblers burst out of the Denton college scene in September of 2001 on the back of their self-released 7" single "Jenna Is A No Show."
Their eponymous debut LP in 2001 was followed by 2003's "Something To Crow About" on Gearhead Records which led to their eventual signing to Volcom Entertainment and a place on the 2005 Warped Tour where the band gained wider recognition for their stand-out live performances.
2009 sees the release of their fifth album "Underneath The Owl" on Volcom. , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , Facebook , YouTube
Members:Chris Adams (11), Colin Jones (17), Colin O'Donnel, Davey Brozowski, Eric Green, Fadi El-Assad, Ian MacDougall, Ian Walling, Jesse 3X, Luke Abbey, Mark Baker, Mike Wiebe, Patrick Lillard, Rob Marchant, Sam Keir, Shawn Carpetbagger


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