Viking metal from Sweden.

Former Members are John Frölén, Otto Wiklund and Marcus Berggren


Odhinn Discography Tracks


Odhinn The North Brigade (Album) Napalm Records Austria 1998 Sell This Version
NPR051 Odhinn From A Splendourus Battle(CD, MiniAlbum) Napalm Records NPR051 Austria 1998 Sell This Version


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April 12, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
No Gangr more Viking than Odhinn's own, mightier than other pretenders to his hallowed name.
We devoutly offer our heart and our respect to Odhinn, our master on high.
Perhaps Loki had deceived Otto, the drummer, into severing his own soul from flesh mundane
--or is he rejoycing with Die Walküre, in The Cloudy Long Hall?... it is not known and many unspoken of battles have quenched the bloodthirsty moss of Jotunheim flattened under heavy feet that dwelleth above Gnomes and Undines whom dwelleth above the lower worlds.
I consult the runes who intimate that Viking Wiklund felt lost in the wrong timestream and sought to return to braver days by route of Niflheim...
...to braver days where Sweet and Chaste Maidens Are Respected by Viking Gentlemen and Sorcerors of Seithr and the Greykraft administer justice unknown to the stupid selfish worshippers of the Goat of the Hyksos.
Telepathic vows tether me to the realm of spirits, are we, the children of Asgard, not made of stars?
Is not the blacksmith a forger of weaponry that can only come from a heavy hammer?
Does the worthy bard not serenade Freja or warn of the raven who messengers for the weird ones, as if to do battle upon the minds of the young thru powers and storytelling, using the drums of war to maim their thoughts or bruise their heads with the lute of electricity?
Obscure yarns will be spun by a teller who scrapes his throat from the shadows where the billowy glow of the dying embers cannot reach; Salamanders lick the icy air with lessening vigor as if to ask if The Gaurdianship of the White Man is not Fire?
Thus does HE bring from his family in the stars, an eternal war to the revolting planet, thus does HE bring the scourge of fire water, combustion engines, concentrated elixirs of hydrochloride and other means of doing war --Total War-- on the Native-Blooded Men of this Earth. Once in a mother's dream as she died in childbirth before the billowing fire, with Good Sheep Head to Eat, did we laugh at the struggle, with tears in our coloured eyes, ov life on Odhinn's Midheim.

post scriptum:
Viking Metal is invariably de-Vikingized by effeminate Keyboards staining the arrangement and emasculating the mix; this mistake is made by ODHINN on their LP, but despite this their EP remains one of thee best and most Viking Vikings of all Viking Metal.

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