Italian Dance act.

Mo-Do is the pseudonym used by the Italian musician Fabio Frittelli (born in 1966 in Monfalcone, Province of Gorizia and found dead in his home on the 6th February 2013). Mo-Do appeared in the 1990s as an Italian Eurodance band. Despite being Italian, Mo-Do's songs are in German.

The name Mo-Do is claimed to originate from the two first letters of Frittelli's birth-town (Monfalcone) and the day of his birth (Domenica, i.e. Sunday in Italian).

Mo-Do was formed when Frittelli met the producer Claudio Zennaro. Other producers who worked with Frittelli (sometimes quoted as members of the group) were Fulvio Zafret, Mario Pinosa and Sergio Portaluri.

Mo-Do is probably best known from the single "Eins, Zwei, Polizei" (co-produced with Zennaro and Zafret) which reached #1 in the German, Austrian and Italian music charts.
On the 6th of February 2013 Fabio Frittelli was found dead in his house in Udine.

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Members:Claudio Zennaro, Fabio Frittelli, Fulvio Zafret, Mario Pinosa, Sergio Portaluri
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