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BunnyBrains are inarguably the most embarassing yet excellent yet awful rock band to come out of the State of Connecticut. The legend understates the facts (try watching a video of a vintage live performance), but the music stands for itself. BunnyBrains began its torturous life in 1988 as Bobby Bunny and Malcolm Tent's collaborative improv noise band and over the next decade grew into a collective of disenfranchised freak musicians from the state of Connecticut. The band's manifesto dictated that musician and non-musician alike were equally welcome and that no rules of sound or structure shall be required. 60+ members and half a dozen LPs and a dozen singles later, the Bunnies will be remembered for their contribution to communal brain damage and hearing loss amongst the denizens of the Nutmeg State.

BunnyBrains Band Members to date:

Bobby Bunny - Bass, Guitar, Vocals,
Elisa Flynn - Guitar
Malcolm Tent - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Dan Bunny aka "Eg The Poet" - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Thom Monahan - Guitar
Patti Grannan - Guitar, Bass, ???
Eddie O'Dowd - Drums
Wendy Leahy - Bass
Pete "Sylvie" Partenio - Drums, Electronics
Kerri "Ca$h" Culhane aka Ginger Cremebrulee - Cello, Violin, Keyboard, Guitar, Wrestling & Flinging
Warren Kennedy - Guitar
Neville McDermott - Guitar, Bass
Jim Roberto - Guitar
Jim Ball - Sax
Greg Vegas - Sax
Davo - Bass
Ray "Raimondo" Paulucci - Guitar
Larry Bunny - Dulcimer, Vocals,,clarinet
Ernie Lattanzio - Bass
Fudd - Guitar
Barnabas - Drums
Jackie Beckett - Guitar
Allen Noisehair - Bass
Indian Joe - Vocals
Vern - Vocals
KC Moonshine - Harmonica, Organ
Messer a.k.a. Flowmaster
Arther Stone - Guitar
Chris Nolan - Bass
Joe Fmu - Bass
Ed Lang - Drums
Jerome Becker - Drums
Todd Merrell - Keyboards
SOMA 13 Rhythm Section - Bass, Drums
Dan Dub - Bass, Tapes
Jake Pepper - Guitar
Chris Mitchell - Drums
Bram the Kid - Guitar
Sam Farrell - Bass
Lyme Emyl - Guitar
Virginia - Dancer
Laura Helmet Head - Dancer
Lee Lisa - Dancer
Little Carrie Bowersox - Dancer
Tracy - Dancer
Heather Hiphugger - Dancer
Chandy Pinkeye - Guitars, Synths, Effects
Horlick Choi - Drums
La Persona - Acoustic guitar, Vocals, QChord
Dino Sex - Drums
Matt Newton - Guitar
Michael Bigbootй - Vocals
Tom Greenwood - Guitar
Luke Puke - Drums
Slink Moss-drums
Jason Martin-drums,bass,guitar,banjo,tapes
Jamie Mohr-singin,dancin
Norman Douglas-dancing,poetry
Will-bass drum on rope
Maya Hayuk-singing,drawing
Phil Franklin-drums
Matt Wascovich-gtr
Tyler-cooking live
Brendan-warped plastic guitar,viola
Brooke Crouser-guitar,strings,vocals
Ross the Boss-guitar
Marshall Phree-drumms
Mikey Monkey-guitar
Joe V-bass , , MySpace , Soundcloud
Members:andrew alper, Davo (3), Edward ODowd, Eg The Poet, erik jacobs, Fudd, Greg Vegas, Jamie Mohr, Jim Roberto, Larry Bunny, LHG, Malcolm Tent, Neville "The Devil" McDermott, Pete Beat, R.S.C. Barrett, raphaela bunny, Raymondo (3), Screwy Lattanzio, Thom Monahan, Todd Merrell
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