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Dutch producers-duo into House and Techno. Jark Prongo are Gaston Steenkist (Amsterdam) and René ter Horst (Haarlem). Also known as DJ Zki & Dobre and/or René Et Gaston, they started working together in 1991. The same year, they founded the record label Fresh Fruit. Most of the tracks they released on Fresh Fruit where from them until 1995 when they left the label.
After their departure, Jark Prongo founded Pssst music, on which they released their productions under different aliases (such as Klatsch!, Basco, and Tomba Vira) like they did before. In 1998 began the real success story for Jark Prongo when Sasha started to play "Movin' Thru Your System" and put it on his highly acclaimed Global Underground CD.
Besides releasing their own productions, Jark Prongo also obtained fame as remixers.
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Aliases:Basco, Chocolate Puma, Collin Bros, DJ Manta, DJ Zki & Dobre, Fresh Tunes, Glen Masters, Klatsch!, Mechanical Soul Saloon, Mpari, René Et Gaston, Rhythmkillaz, Riva, Stainless, Stainless Steel, The Good Men, Timetraveller, Tomba Vira
Members:Gaston Steenkist, René ter Horst
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