Alan Freeman


Self-taught musical explorer, working in the realms of experimental music, synthesizer, avant-garde, improv. Involved in numerous projects along with his brother Steve Freeman, notably Alto Stratus and the more recent prolific projects: Endgame and Triax (on the Auricle label). Alan is the chief writer of Audion magazine and co-author of the acclaimed Krautrock encyclopedia "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" and partner in Ultima Thule (established 1989).
Aliases:Carl Sugar, Kalle (31), Xylem (2)
In Groups:Alto Stratus, Alto Stratus & Friends, Approaching Infinity, Biomechanoid (2), Endgame, Eruption (7), Escape Route, Extremities, Holy Atheist, Impromptu Electronic, Multimorph, Polymorph, Quadelectronic, Qwire, Shapeshifter (4), The Newt Hounds, The Scanner Game, The Zircon Game, Triax (2), United Isolation Ensemble
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