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The Budos Band is an American instrumental band from Staten Island, New York, formed in 2005. Over the course of their nearly two decade long career, the 60’s/70’s influenced afro-soul instrumental band’s thunderous and eclectic sound has known no bounds. Each release expertly crafts energising guitar licks, syncopated percussion precision, vigorous horns, and validates the bands consistently monumental form.

Originating at a jam session at The Five Spot in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, hosted by Martín Perna of the New York band Antibalas. Some of the participants decided to form the new band, which has consisted of an occasionally floating lineup featuring David Guy and Andrew Greene (trumpets), Cochemea Gastelum (tenor sax), Jared Tankel (baritone sax), Dame Rodriguez and Vincent Balestrino (percussion), Thomas Brenneck (guitar), Robert Lombardo (congas), Mike Deller (organ), Daniel Foder (bass), and Brian Profilio and John Carbonella Jr. (drums). , Wikipedia , Facebook , X , MySpace , All Music , Who Sampled , Bandcamp
Aliases:The Bullets
Members:Andrew Greene, Brian Profilio, Dame Rodriguez, Daniel Foder, Dave Guy, Jared Tankel, John Carbonella Jr., Michael Irwin, Mike Deller, Richard Terrana, Rob Lombardo, Thomas Brenneck, Vincent Balestrino
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