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Dan Curtin

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Dan Curtin
Dan Curtin began his music career in 1992. His fascination with music was sparked ten years earlier when he discovered the burgeoning hip-hop movement. Hip-hop, along with new wave, electro, and other sonic innovations of the Eighties began to loom largely in his life, and it was only a matter of time before Curtin began experimenting with music creation himself. When he finally heard the futuristic sounds of house and techno, everything changed. Drawing influence from stargazing evenings with a telescope and late night drives through nearby Cleveland, Ohio; music production became Curtin's primary focus. Cleveland, a city not known as a hub for house music creation, was initially isolating. However, Curtin was able to observe the more prominent scenes of other cities without becoming part of or being identified with any one of them. He began designing a new sound in techno and house music.

Curtin's first few records were released on Detroit's now defunct 33 RPM Records and Belgium's Buzz Records. Shortly thereafter, he started his own label, Metamorphic Recordings. Dancers and listeners alike began to take notice of his innovative sound signature, and before long Dan Curtin found himself being hailed as a key player in techno and house music. With his profile on the rise, he eventually caught the attention of Peacefrog in the mid �E0s. His releases under his own name and his Purveyors Of Fine Funk guises were welcomed with open arms by the worlds techno fraternity, many of which becoming key cuts in many a DJ's set for years following their release. Releasing three albums over a two year period 'Silicon Dawn, 'Web Of Life' and 'Art & Science', Dan Curtin has defined himself as one of the key players in the development of techno as we know it today
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Dan Curtin Discography


PF018CD Dan Curtin The Silicon Dawn (Album) Peacefrog Records PF018CD UK 1994 Sell This Version
SBLLP002 Dan Curtin Deception (Album) Sublime Records (3) SBLLP002 Japan 1996 Sell This Version
PF051CD Dan Curtin Art & Science (Album) Peacefrog Records PF051CD UK 1996 Sell This Version
ELY022CD Dan Curtin Pregenesis (Album) Elypsia ELY022CD Belgium 1999 Sell This Version
HS 019LP Dan Curtin We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For (Album) Headspace Recordings (UK) HS 019LP UK 2006 Sell This Version
mobileecd010 Dan Curtin Lifeblood (Album) Mobilee mobileecd010 Germany 2010 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

r331 Dan Curtin 3rd From The Sun EP (EP) 33rpm Records / Sinewave r331 US 1992 Sell This Version
MET0S120 Dan Curtin Space Metamorphic Recordings MET0S120 US 1992 Sell This Version
PF018X Dan Curtin Parallel / Population II Peacefrog Records PF018X UK 1994 Sell This Version
SR12311 Dan Curtin Presents Time Undefined Dan Curtin Presents Time Undefined - Alive / Cascade Strictly Rhythm SR12311 US 1994 Sell This Version
MET07140 Dan Curtin Matter Of Sound(7", Ltd, Red) Metamorphic Recordings MET07140 US 1994 Sell This Version
PF024 Dan Curtin Dream Not Of Today (Single) Peacefrog Records PF024 UK 1994 Sell This Version
SBLDD2001 Dan Curtin Voices From Another Age (Maxi) Sublime Records (3) SBLDD2001 Japan 1994 Sell This Version
SBLEP011 Dan Curtin I'll Take You There Remixes Sublime Records (3) SBLEP011 Japan 1995 Sell This Version
SR 12409 Dan Curtin The Time Undefined Ep Stage 2 (EP) Strictly Rhythm SR 12409 US 1995 Sell This Version
MUPL011 Dan Curtin The Chase EP (EP) Multiplex MUPL011 Denmark 1996 Sell This Version
FMD 002 Dan Curtin Life In The Savage Garden E.P.(12", EP) Fragmented Records FMD 002 UK 1997 Sell This Version
PF072 Dan Curtin Whisper To An Echo(12") Peacefrog Records PF072 UK 1997 Sell This Version
MKCS-1009 Dan Curtin New World EP (EP) Sublime Records (3) MKCS-1009 Japan 1998 Sell This Version
FMD 011 Dan Curtin / The Cause Dan Curtin / The Cause - LP Sampler 2 Fragmented Records FMD 011 UK 1998 Sell This Version
PLYR 1 Dan Curtin Orbital Love Triangle Player Recordings PLYR 1 UK 1999 Sell This Version
MET0C011 Dan Curtin Spatial Relationships EP (EP) Metamorphic Recordings MET0C011 US 1999 Sell This Version
ELY020 Dan Curtin Through The Nexus(12") Elypsia ELY020 Belgium 1999 Sell This Version
PAP 039 Dan Curtin And Warren Harris Present Key Of Soul Dan Curtin And Warren Harris Present Key Of Soul - Key Of Soul(12") Paper Recordings PAP 039 UK 1999 Sell This Version
SB2EP Dan Curtin When Worlds Align EP (EP) Starbaby SB2EP US 2000 Sell This Version

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March 20, 2013
edited over 3 years ago
Mr. Curtin ... It is completely safe to say that this man is a musical genius. Everything he makes and has made is on the cutting edge, even the heavily dated material is still relevant (because he goes far into the past, for techno that is .After a career spanning as long as his ,he is still making incredible stuff. a must for people shaping their techno mind. I have never been blessed with seeing him live . I'm from the Midwest and seen a many a dj


July 10, 2008
Mr. Curtin is one of my all-time-favorite producers in the deep techno genre because of his unique ability to satisfy the intellect and the drive, the mind and the stomach all at the same time.
Almost everything he does is just so balanced, driving, never boring and full of surprises and atmospheres.
And he has a real distinguished sound as well.
Take any Dan Curtin record out of any year from 1991 to now and put it on and you will be able to identify it as a Dan Curtin record after a few bars. Unique and inspiring.



July 9, 2003
mr curtin is class, crosses genres etc.
the man makes electronic the way it should be done.
have a listen, no minimal nonsense, no kick hat mince(forgive the phrase it's a local thing).
music with a bit of substance for almost ten years, it must make some of you mills, hood wannabees blush.
sort it out.

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