Lucifer (2)

Real Name:
Mort Garson


Lucifer (2) - Black Mass album art Lucifer (2) Black Mass (Album) UNI Records Philippines 1971 Sell This Version


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October 2, 2012
Under the devilish pseudonym "Lucifer", Mort Garson released this record “Black Mass”. It had his wildest hodgepodge of electronic sounds. Little is known about this release though. Noodly Mooging. Quite entertaining in the same way as all those other Magic Moog records, and maybe a bit more so because one can imagine naked, or near naked 70's people with facial hair and medallions dancing around black candles to this stuff. Like music from a Tygon British or late Hammer movie trying to be edgy and up to date all at the same time. At the moment I'm digging it and almost giving it Four stars- cos bits of it do sound like Goblin in full swing. Probably the most interesting effort by Mr. Garson, this is the only album he released under this pseudonym. As you would expect from him, it's all electronic synthesizer music.

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