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It-Clings is the spoken word project of Bugs Crawling Out Of People founder, Squid. With no actual musical talent of his own, but armed with a lot of anger, contempt and imagination, he has somehow found the secret loop-hole to industrial fame: inject well-written, nilhistically driven angst into the musical arteries of as many industrial artists as possible. In addition to appearing on random tracks, It-Clings also sluts himself to artists in a live show environment, yelling and screaming over their music.

It-Clings began April 12th, 2003, even though no one knew it at the time. Squid was spurred into a tediously long, angry rant by Pneumatic Detach, on the final night of the Saturation Bombing 2 concert series. Squid's foul-mouthed aggression and hostility impressed Pneumatic Detach's Justin Brink so much that he invited Squid to write and perform a rant with Pneumatic Detach at the next Rhode Island Noise Festival, slated for August 21st, 2004. The text was written and hopes were high, however its brilliant, subtle cruelty humour and wit were lost due to an incredibly poor and drunken performance by Squid. Not one to let such shame and humiliation get him down, Squid redoubled his efforts and made his debut performance as It-Clings, with Pneumatic Detach, at Montreal's C.O.M.A 2 festival. Its reception, combined with the absence of people yelling "get off the stage" made up for the past indiscretion.

Since then, It-Clings has performed with S:cage , Dym, Fractured, Worms Of The Earth & Famine.

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