Milford Graves

Real Name:Milford Graves

(August 20, 1941 – February 12, 2021) born in Jamaica, Queens, was an American jazz drummer, percussionist, Professor Emeritus of Music, researcher/inventor, visual artist/sculptor, gardener/herbalist, and martial artist.
Graves is noteworthy for his early avant-garde contributions in the 1960s with Paul Bley, Albert Ayler, and the New York Art Quartet, and is considered to be a free jazz pioneer, liberating percussion from its timekeeping role. The composer and saxophonist John Zorn referred to Graves as "basically a 20th-century shaman.
(aged 79) , Wikipedia , Imdb , Bandcamp
In Groups:Albert Ayler Quintet, Lowell Davidson Trio, New York Art Quartet, Paul Bley Quintet, The Giuseppi Logan Quartet, The Jazz Composer's Orchestra
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