Hubert Kemmler


Singer and songwriter from Reutlingen, Germany (Born 21 March 1961). Kemmler's career began as a member of a trio named Hubert Kah. Before music career, he studied law at the University of Tübingen.

Together with Michael Cretu, Kemmler wrote and produced songs for other artists, including "Dancing Into Danger" by Inker & Hamilton, "Love at First Sight" by the band Münchener Freiheit and a number of tracks by Sandra such as "Maria Magdalena", "Heaven Can Wait", while his wife Susanna Kemmler was partially responsible for the background vocals.

Hubert recorded new songs with Sandra for her new album Stay In Touch which was released in late 2012. , Wikipedia ,
In Groups:Herren, Hubert Kah, Or-Musikproduktion, Volker Vernet
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