Travis Barker

Real Name:Travis Landon Barker

Born: November 14, 1975, Fontana, California, USA

Formerly the drummer of the ska group The Aquabats, he left mid tour in 1998 to join Blink-182, replacing Scott Raynor. In 2002 Tim Armstrong of Rancid invited Travis to play in his new side band the Transplants. During this same time while Blink was on a break after heavy touring, he joined Tom DeLonge's side project Box Car Racer. After the announcement of their break up in late 2003, Travis continued to work with Blink and the Transplants. Blink announced their "indefinite hiatus" in February of 2005, just 15 months after the release of their last album. The Transplants also announced their break up after the 2005 Warped Tour.

Travis is also actively involved in the rap community, having worked with the Black Eyed Peas, and creating remixes for various artists. He is also noted as one of rock's busiest. When he's not creating music, he keeps busy with his own clothing line Famous Stars And Straps, and he owns and operates his own record label La Salle Records.
He is co-owner of Opra Music Studios.

Travis is still in Blink-182, Antemasque, Goldfinger and Transplants, is often the supporting drummer for Yelawolf, and is still recording hip-hop music as a side project. , Facebook , Imdb , Instagram , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:The Baron Von Tito
In Groups:+44, Antemasque, Blink-182, Box Car Racer, Expensive Taste, Goldfinger (7), The Aquabats!, Transplants, TRV$ DJ-AM, Feeble (8)
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