Harsh and powerful sounds mixed with fast, complex and irregular drum flavoured noises.
No samples and not external inputs: all sounds are made by synthesize and modelling raw waves from the Gameboy sound chip.

Memero is an italian gameboy-breakcore musician based in the Berlin.
His music path starts in 1998 playing guitar and writing songs in indipendent, punk and experimental bands.
In 2006 he moves to Rome where the free tekno and breakcore scenes radically change his approach to the music production: software like Renoise and Pure Data give him the chance to explore sound synthesis basics and start an endless research in the creation of complex rythms.
In 2007, getting inspired by hardcore chip musicians like Dogmatech and Dj Scotch Egg, he gets his first LSDJ copy and a Gameboy (the first ever!) and starts releasing again
his creativity in this limited-but-inpiring environment.
Memero works are linked and released on lo-fi hardcore music record labels like Killbot (AU), Datathrash (USA), Rainbow Diving Butterflies (De), Various Vegetables (De), and Rexistenz (It).
At the end of 2013 the australian Killbot Records released the "Spaety" record with two Memero`s "Squarewave Injection" tracks selled then in the Praxis Records shop in Berlin.
Memero is currently self producing his music on vinyl and playing live in squat basements and underground clubs.


Memero Discography Tracks


CMOd-01 Memero Memero Gameboy Lsdj Breakcore Berlin Rave Party Tekno(8xFile, MP3) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-01 Germany 2012
CMOd-10 Memero My Lost Mp3s Part One (2007-2010) (23xFile, MP3) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-10 Italy 2014
CMOd-15 Memero Plane Geometry Secrets(CD, Album + File, FLAC, WAV) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-15 Germany 2016 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

CMOd-06 Memero Squarewave Injection(CD-ROM, EP + 4xFile, MP3, WAV, EP, mp3) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-06 Germany 2013 Sell This Version
CMOd-08 Memero Mid-Rage(CD-ROM, EP + File, WAV, EP) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-08 Germany 2013 Sell This Version
Memero Spaety (Single) Killbot Records Australia 2014 Sell This Version
CMOd-12 Memero Memero - Detube(CDi, EP, Promo) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-12 Germany 2014 Sell This Version
[CMO-13] Memero Rflax(CDr, CD-ROM, EP + File, FLAC, MP3, ogg, WAV, EP) Closebrace M OpenBrace [CMO-13] Germany 2015 Sell This Version
CMO-02, Flop0008 Memero / Tlic Memero / Tlic - Plane Geometry Secrets / Cyperkid Reworx(12", EP, Ltd) Closebrace M OpenBrace, Flop Beat Disk CMO-02, Flop0008 Germany 2016 Sell This Version
CMOd-19 Memero Non Lasciare In Giro Il Passaggio Libero(CD, B/card, EP, Ltd, S/Edition) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-19 Germany Unknown Sell This Version


CMOd-02 Memero Memero Idm Gameboy Berlin(4xFile, MP3) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-02 Germany 2012
CMOd-05 Memero Copper Sea(4xFile, MP3) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-05 2013
CMOd-04 Memero Anthem(3xFile, MP3) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-04 Germany 2013
CMOd-03 Memero Memero EP(3xFile, MP3) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMOd-03 Germany 2014
CMO-04 Memero Untitled(CDr, B/card) Closebrace M OpenBrace CMO-04 Germany Unknown Sell This Version