Leonard Feather

Real Name:Leonard Geoffrey Feather

British-born jazz pianist, composer, author, critic & producer.
Born 13 Sept. 1914 in London, England - died 22 Sept. 1994 in Sherman Oaks, Ca., USA.
Creater of the Blindfold Test for Downbeat.
For much of his career, Feather was the most widely read and influential writer on jazz. The father of Lorraine Feather, he wrote "The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz" with Ira Gitler, was co-editor for Metronome magazine, associate editor for Downbeat magazine and chief jazz critic for the Los Angeles Times until his death.
Married to Jane Feather

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Aliases:Jelly Roll Lipschitz, Snotty McSiegel
In Groups:Hot Lips Page Trio, Jack Teagarden Band, Jack Teagarden's Dixieland Band, Joe Marsala & His Delta Four, Leonard Feather All Stars, Leonard Feather And Ye Olde English Swynge Band, Leonard Feather Dick Hyman Orchestra, Leonard Feather's Blue Six, Leonard Feather's East Coast Stars, Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia Of Jazz All Stars, Leonard Feather's Esquire All-Americans, Leonard Feather's Hip-Tet, Leonard Feather's Swinging Swedes, Leonard Feather's West Coast Jazzmen, Leonard Feather's West Coast Stars, Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven, Ralph Burns And Leonard Feather And Their Orchestra, Sarah Vaughan And Her Orchestra, Tab Smith Septette, The Leonard Feather Band
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