Alvin Alcorn

Real Name:
Alvin Elmore Alcorn
American jazz trumpeter.

Born: September 07, 1912 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Died: July 10 (or 17), 2003 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Taught by George McCullum and brother Oliver, probably influenced by Buddy Petit. Had own youngsters' band, played jitney dances with Joe Robichaux (piano). Then mostly travelling with reading bands. First recording with Don Albert and his Orchestra (San Antonio, 1936). After World War II, was in New Orleans groups. Played with the Olympia brass band on the soundtrack of the Bond Film Live and Let Die and played the New Orleans Assassin. Still active in New Orleans in 1970. (from "Deep South Piano" by Karl Gert zur Heide)
In Groups: