St. Peter & Heaven

St. Peter & Heaven

Brother and sister DJ duo active in the mid 1990s.

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WDPC1 St. Peter & Heaven Wonderboy Dance Party(Cass, Mixed, Comp, Promo) Wonderboy WDPC1 UK 1997 Sell This Version


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April 24, 2009
I'm not too sure exactly who St Peter & Heaven is, but the fact is that Polygram/Universal used his somewhat interesting mixing skills to produce most of their mixed compilations titles released during the late nineties craze for mixed commercial compilations. With every major company releasing mix series (In The Mix, Club Cuts 97, Big Mix 96, etc), it seemed Polygram was jumping on the band wagon back in '96 with Club Mix 96 (so badly mixed, no-one was credited for it). A second volume appeared later in the year, credited by our dear St Peter & Heaven at Wise Buddah, and numerous other volumes followed through to the end of the decade.

But while all of these compilations were very professional and well made, the quality of St Peter & Heaven's mixes were often not. It's fair to say pretty much every transition on every Club Mix compilation was a painful keyclash. Some were truly terrible. You won't believe me until you hear a corker of a mix - for example, on Ultimate Club Mix 2, the thumping German techno sound of Da Hool's 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' being forced to turn into the tinkling, emotional piano sound of Dario G's 'Sunchyme' is just awful. Only a severely tone-deaf person could enjoy that level of mixing.

That said, St Peter & Heaven had a streak of individuality. This can be seen on Club Mix 97, where the usual top tenners and chart breakers were dropped in favour of tracks supposedly chosen at random out of the record box, regardless of chart position. Thus, there were many underground and rare tunes which knocks the spots off of Virgin's 'In The Mix' series, which was keen on featuring handbag remixes of the Spice Girls and Eternal.

Overall the mixes St Peter & Heaven produced were a mixed bag of ideas, genres and tunes, all sitting uncomfortably next to each other on one commercial looking compilation. There were good moments, and a lot of bad ones, but compared to the cheapskate computer mixing of today's 3 CD compilations, St Peter & Heaven was brilliant.