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Johan Troch

Johan Troch; born June16,1966, started in 1983 with Last Journey as a singer-guitar player. They were strongly influenced by the music and spirit of Joy Division and Cocteau Twins, that also influenced a lot of bands in Europe during the “Cold Wave” scene in the early eighties. But still they managed to create their own identity. Last Journey had a quite difficult existance, so it resulted with only one single on a compilation album, released in 1985. They were support-acts for several New-Wave and Rock bands who were hot during the mid-eighties. In ’86 the band split up, and after two sabbatical years, he began writing songs again to go further on his own. This far he released one song album on iTunes/Bandcamp and a handful of singles. And also four instrumental albums, only in digital form. Johan Troch has his own digital download label Adagio Productions. Troch also did some contributions to ballet-dancers and dance-groups with music on their videos. He usually work alone, but Last Journey drummer Ivan Heyninck did some productions in the past. In 2013 he worked together with composer/producer Peter Every from Coventry. In that same year he also contrubuted on Pieter Nooten's album 'Haven'. For his latest album 'The Enlightened' he appealed to the collaboration of Eric Hopton, Steve Dillard and Tom O'Bedlam. On January, 24, 2016 Johan released his sixth instrumental album on "Infinite Distances" This album contains samples from Robert Fripp, Brudo Sanz, Alexander Naumov, Achim Behrens, Dan Oberbauer, Eric Hopton, Ulisse Garnerone, Tim Kahn, Sub-D and David Flood. Drums by Jim Dooley.
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none Johan Troch Death Of A Poet(13xFile, WAV, Album) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2012
none Johan Troch Changes(14xFile, WAV, Album) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2012
none Johan Troch Heart Of Gold(11xFile, WAV, Album) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2012
none Johan Troch Flashpoint(15xFile, WAV, Album) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2013
none Johan Troch When It's Gone(12xFile, WAV, Album) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2014
none Johan Troch The Enlightened(12xFile, WAV, Album) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2015
none Johan Troch Infinite Distances(14xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2016
none Johan Troch Apology Accepted(CD, Album, Ltd) Not On Label none Belgium 2017 Sell This Version
none Johan Troch Determined To Be Uncertain(13xFile, WAV, Album) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2017

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none Johan Troch Deep Like The Ocean(File, WAV, Single) Not On Label (Johan Troch Self-released) none Belgium 2009


LGM209 Johan Troch Klassik Lounge nightflight vol.8 (CD, Comp) Lemongrassmusic LGM209 Germany 2016 Sell This Version

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June 20, 2016

In the 80's, Johan Troch was the singer and guitarist of the post-punk band Last Journey. After the band called it a day, it went quiet. And then suddenly, Troch began recording instrumental records that are a contrast to the cold wave/post-punk of Last Journey as they have an ambient character. Johan distributes his music through his own label Adagio Productions. He does not perform his music on stage.

As always, this album by Johan Troch is made in a professionally way. Opener Into The Night floats on a warm bass and atmospheric synths with aqttention to detail. Conditioned Beliefs is a track that mainly consists of a reverberant piano. At first it sounds like a pop song, but it develops in another direction. Artificial Intelligence includes a sample of Robert Fripp (King Crimson). The guitar line of Frippotronics is mixed in the song. Well done.

There are a lot of guest musicians included, who add their own subtle effects/styles. The guitar of Alexander Naumov gives Living Without Frontiers a Gilmour touch. On Project X , the drums are done by Jim Dooley and the percussion loops by Achim Berens. Again, the Robert Fripp-sample is used. A pretty rhythmic and upbeat song.

The album (fourteen songs) closes with the longest track, When She Turned Her Head. The intro consists of a recording of a crowd at Union Station Portland Oregon. It is complemented with ambient drones by Rhodes Tim Kahn.

Johan Troch has made an album that is a stunner in its genre. It is a continuation of his previous release The Enlightened. This is enjoyable ambient that does not sound too vague or too strange, with a hopeful atmosphere.



June 20, 2016

This musical centipede has written and produced everything himself. He also plays the guitar parts and the atmospherics, while Eric Hopton does the synths. Enlightened is a very cinematic and ethereal album. The music sometimes has a spa/sauna feeling, especially in the opener New Horizon, in which the female voice sings in an Enya style amidst an atmospheric soundscape. But let us not be blinded by this sauna hassle. And do not worry about the Enya thing either as this album has more potential. On Nightly Pecularities you will find yourself somewhere in a secluded place like the savanna under a glittering starry sky surrounded by wildlife. Who Is To Blame starts with church bells, while a delicious bass line and guitar do the work.

The tracks do not have traditional structures. It must be said that Johan knows how to create soundscapes. On Disbelieve the guitar is reminiscent to David Gilmour’s guitar play. In To Open Our Eyes the drum are more important and diverse, although the whole album sounds homogeneous. Some might find this album too spacy, but lovers of quiet, instrumental music, should definitely try out Enlightened.



June 20, 2016

never heard the name of Johan Troch before, but nontheless has this Belgian ambient-soundtrack artist released four albums so far. He recently worked with Pieter Nooten (the ex-bandmember from Clan Of Xymox who is responsible for most of the tracks on Medusa) on his latest album Haven.

Changes is the latest album by Johan.It features fourteen songs and the titles says enough about the spirit of his music; Maginificent Earth, A New Day or Le Monde Est Ici are signs that we're dealing with a real daydreamer. All tracks are instrumental and the cosmic electronic songs have one thing in common: they are all created to put you on some imaginery clouds. Most of the tracks are having the length of a perfect popsong (so that's three minutes), so you don't have to fear that it'll be too experimental. There are also some nice droneguitars included which are of course influenced by Mr. Eno. And yes, there's a bit of a Pieter Nooten-touch in it as well.

The most beautiful thing is that you can discover this album for free. Just click here and you'll be directed to the spacey poppy atmospheres of Johan. Do it, if you care about new (free) sounds.

Didier BECU

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