Wall Of Ears

Wall Of Ears

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Wall of Ears, Christopher Lott
Wall of Ears oozes high-grade pop pleasure for a mind to dance to. Hello Beautiful Nothing will be released in 2015. Perfect Organ Assembly (2013) is available in all your favorite formats.

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Wall of Ears was birthed in 2009 as a way to document CW Lott’s experimental recordings and songwriting. After releasing two acclaimed and well-received records with As Cities Burn and touring relentlessly for three years – Lott wanted to start fresh, break out of his old habits in pursuit of higher sounds. Perfect Organ Assembly (2012, Broken Circles Records) showcased a vast range of influences, and the output ranged from ambient pop weirdness to raw uncompromising experimentation.

Flash forward to 2014. Lott relocated to New England to write a novel and met Jon Ruseski, a poet and master of atmospheric drone, and the two set forth in crafting a follow up album. Working together, the songwriting became more refined; Lott evolved as a singer, and Ruseki added infinite dimensions that elevated the tunes. Wall of Ears began playing shows under a new line up, and the word began to spread.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING furthers WOE’s musical evolution. Their singular flamboyant sound pulls from art forms all over the spectrum: surrealism, showtunes, the singularity, barbershop quartets, early era crooners. The songs are tighter, smarter, more dynamic, with layers and samples so dense it sounds like a dream.
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