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Jamie Alexander Lidderdale
English musician and soul singer living in Nashville, USA, born September 18, 1973, Huntingdon, Cambridge, UK
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February 8, 2019
I saw Jamie at a Warp gig in London. Festival Hall I think, circa 2000. He was wearing a suit covered in a mass of audio tape and he as sampling his own voice through a mic and layering them into twisted beatbox track. Soulful, risky, funky, techno in spirit, unusually spontaneous for a live performance and quite brilliant.


January 17, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
One of the best live performers i've seen in recent times. He has an amazing voice and energy about him but also builds tracks live using delay pedals and loops. This is especially effective as layer upon layer of vocals are added.

Lidell is simulataneously techno boffin and motown pop genius. He's Aphex twin crossed with Phil Spector.

Ok that's over the top. He's very good live.


December 30, 2003
Personally i think Jamie's release 'safety in numbers' are one of the greatest techno records ever... Absolutely fuckin' insane!! I saw his performance at the sonar festivali nBarcelona in 2003, and were completely blown away!! He has the same kind of energy as Denmarks own Bjørn Svin, but with a lot more dark grimy attitude. I love the way he uses his voice in his live set. Really innovative guy, this one... Cheers!!


August 8, 2001
edited over 17 years ago
Yes, 'Daddy's Car' is such a great track!! Easily the best R&B track I ever heard. Intensely perverted, dark and superfunky for sure!! Though it's a bit of a different animal, it blows Squarepusher's 'My Red Hot Car' straight out the water. The album is rather heavy by Warp-standards and half of it sounds disturbingly 'angry', but it's certainly worth getting. Sounds very punk-like and raw (skeletal) upon first listen, but afterwards it's astonishing how well it's all put together and it becomes more like angry jazz. Very original take on electronics and this in the year 2000! Halleluha!
Damn near essential stuff even if just because nothing sounds quite like it.

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