Easy Going


Italian disco band taking its name from a gay-club in Rome. The group was formed by Paul Micioni (the disc-jockey of Easy Going, who later became one the creators of Italo-Disco), Francesco Bonanno and Ottavio (the DJ and the light-jay at Mais "Music and Idea System") in Rome. Their first hit of 1978, Baby I Love You, is produced by Giancarlo Meo & arranged by Claudio Simonetti, both forerunners of the Hi-NRG and Italo-Disco scene. Easy Going released two more albums: Fear (1979) and Casanova (1980). In the latter work Paul Micioni, who left to work with his brother Peter Micioni, is replaced by singer-dancer Russell Russell.

Members:Claudio Simonetti, Paul Micioni, Russell Spellman
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