Swiss metal band formed in 1983. There was a new lineup in 1985 comprised of former Celtic Frost roadies, which recorded Death Cult and five studio albums regarded as technical thrash metal, culminating in Grin also regarded as avant-garde metal.

Even though they existed for a decade, and released seven albums, they went largely under the radar of the main music press, instead being appreciated by more dedicated and underground fans of metal. They broke up in 1996 after completing their Farewell tour, releasing the compilation album Coroner and a collection of rare and unreleased material, namely The Unknown (Unreleased Tracks 1985-95). Coroner reunited in 2010. Daniel Stössel is live member of Coroner on samples and vocals. , Facebook , X
Members:Diego Rapacchietti, Marky Edelmann, Oliver Amberg, Ron Broder, Tommy Vetterli




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